Discovery and realization of new optical property is main goal of APMD laboratory. New material can be achieved from basic 4 steps; theory, simulation, fabrication and measurement. At each steps, we have proper skills and profound knowledges. We keep studying to achieve extraordinary phenomena as extreme enhancement, nonlinearity, non-maxwellian, etc.


Research Field

 The light-matter interaction basically depends on the type of atom. It means that the optical property is limited by material species. However, mesoscopic structured material, larger than atom but smaller than wavelength of the light, can show artificial optical property. For example, maximum refractive index of natural material is around 5 in visible range, but artificially designed material can have very high refractive index over 10*. The structured material is expected to impact on various applications like displays, bio-imaging, photo-catalysis, optical communication, solar cell, etc. The metamaterial is an alchemy of the 21st century which is realizable.

 * Chang, Taeyong, et al. Nature communications 7 (2016).